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Obtaining A Concealed Carry License In Washington DC

Obtaining A Concealed Carry License In Washington DC Image

Obtaining a concealed carry license in Washington DC has been a rollercoaster ride for several years, as it wasn’t until 2017 that the state decided on specific criteria and reached a decision on the issue. 

As it stands, any citizen who meets all criteria will be issued a license to conceal carry in permitted areas. Note that the license does not allow open carry.

Requirements For Obtaining A Concealed Carry License In Washington DC

There are particular requirements to fulfill when applying for a CCW in DC, thanks to the fact that it is not exactly an American state. You have to first apply for a form from the Police Department of DC Metropolitan. 

Now, to be granted this license, you must:

  • Live in or have a business in DC;
  • Be up to 21;
  • Own a gun already registered to the state;
  • Be permitted to own a gun; & 
  • Fulfill all training criteria.

If you don’t own a handgun registered to the state, you can register newly along with the application. Of course, this is only if there’s already a firearm that you wish to conceal carry. If you are to buy a new gun, it is preferable to undergo the usual process, registering the handgun before applying for the LTC. 

Most of these criteria are usual standards, so you shouldn’t have much trouble qualifying. However, there are certain groups that you should not belong to for approval. You will not be granted an LTC if you:

  • Were discharged from the armed forces for dishonorable reasons;
  • Have renounced your citizenship with the country;
  • Are a convict of 2 or more crimes within the immediate five years;
  • Were the reason for a protection order within the immediate five years;
  • Have been found guilty of domestic abuse;
  • Are an addict, alcoholic or uncontrolled user of controlled harmful substances;
  • Have a history of mental issues that may put you or others in danger.

If you do not find yourself in any of these categories, you’re qualified for the next step.

Undergoing Training

DC wants to ensure that you can handle a firearm properly before giving you a license. This isn’t advanced military training. It’s a basic exercise to orientate you. This can be skipped if you are an expert firearm handler, a retired law enforcement officer, a special cop officer, or a certified hunter.

You have to receive certified training for 16 hours & spend 2 hours in the range. Instructors to learn from are available on the MPD website; just make a pick. 

The training is expected to teach you firearm safety, firearm nomenclature, fundamentals of marksmanship, maintenance of pistols, situational awareness & conflict resolution, pistol & ammunition selection, and all necessary laws concerning firearms.

You have to score 70% and higher in the range training, meaning you have to hit the target (that’s 15 yards away) at least 35 times out of 50 rounds. If you can’t score 70% here, you shouldn’t handle a firearm yet.


Obtaining a concealed carry license in Washington DC can be a smooth process if you meet all requirements. After the training, all you have to do is wait for a period that could stretch into 90 days. For a non-local, the steps are the same; just check with the application website. When you get your license, keep in mind that it has to be renewed every two years. 

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