Firearm Laws in Texas

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Navigating the firearm laws in Texas is, thankfully, straightforward. The state is gun-friendly, and so there are only a handful of laws to keep to be in the good book of the law. Let us look at everything you need to know to become a legal gun owner in Lone Star State!

Requirements for Buying A Handgun In Texas

As you may expect, buying a firearm in Texas is an easy process, but there are nonetheless few requirements to fulfill before walking into a gun store & walking out with a brand new pistol.

To become a gun owner in Texas, you need to:

  • Be at least 21-year-old;
  • Own a state ID; and
  • Have a clean background as the dealer has to perform a check.

However, these are only applicable if you’re buying from the local gun store, as they are licensed by the federal government. If you would rather cut out the entire process, including the background check, you can just buy from a private dealer instead.

Restrictions From Buying A Handgun in Texas

For all of Texas’s laxity towards gun acquisition, specific conditions will not permit you to buy a gun in the state. You cannot own a gun in the Lone Star State if you:

  • Are an outlaw;
  • Have been found guilty of a crime punishable by at least 1 year in jail;
  • Abuse of illegal or controlled substances;
  • Are an illegal resident;
  • Have been established as mentally unstable or incompetent or committed to an asylum;
  • Have renounced your citizenship;
  • Have warranted a restraining order against you;
  • Were expelled from the US Armed Forces for dishonorable reasons;
  • Have been found guilty of domestic violence or misdemeanor crime.

As long as you don’t fall in any of these categories, you’re great to go!

Note: the same laws above apply if you’re getting a handgun.

Laws On Concealed Carry In Texas

Usually, you want to carry your shiny pistol on you as you travel around town, but there may be a little restriction on that. Texas requires you to have a permit before carrying a pistol, be it concealed or openly. If you have a long gun, you have no worries, as the state has no restriction on carrying. You can strap that rifle to your back and trot majestically around town.

Trust Texas to be lenient with you in some situations, so you can bypass having a permit before carrying a gun in some scenarios. In the state, you are allowed to carry your handgun or rifle if:

  • You are on your personal property, on a property that’s in your hands to manage;
  • You are in or on your way to your vehicle or a vehicle under your control.

Typically, you can carry (whether concealed or openly) as long as you are on personal property. Don’t trespass into your neighbor’s yard carrying a firearm. If you do, you’ll have to answer to the law, but that’s about the only restriction. Texas does not care if your firearm is loaded or unloaded. Your gun can be in any condition without having to answer to anyone.

Concluding The Firearm Laws in Texas

As most agree, firearm laws in Texas are easy to keep to. There are no special limitations or requirements to be met. I think this is a good thing. Considering the state’s enormous size and population, it is imperative that every man can defend himself. 

What do you think?

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