Critical State Prepping Laws for 2021

Critical State Prepping Laws in 2021 Image

You have to stay aware of the critical state prepping laws for 2021 so you don’t unknowingly transgress the law. These regulations will guide your prepping activities as you prepare. 

4 Critical State Prepping Laws for 2021

Handgun Carry Laws

All preppers (80% at least) want to have a firearm ready when the bad guys come barging in. We can’t possibly cover the laws concerning all firearms in this article, so we’ll focus on handguns — as they typically have the strictest regulations. 

Most states demand that you’re licensed before carrying a gun, whether openly or concealed. So, if you’ve just moved to a state, you should check with relevant authorities to be sure of the laws before carrying your gun about. 

Ensure to have a permit before carrying a firearm. It is easy to be tagged a suspect if you’re carrying a pistol about in your shorts without a license. 

Taser Laws

There are states that forbid concealed carry, and if you live in such states, you may prefer carrying a taser — but even this has its laws to keep to. Tasers may not appear that dangerous, but illegal carry can sentence you to jail in certain states. It can be used to rob a person, after all.

Most states will allow you to carry tasers openly or concealed. They are excellent tools to have in a place where guns & other firearms are prohibited. I mean, a full punch can knock out a man. 

I am not referring to stun guns or complex tools that work like tasers. Regular tasers are the norm. Some states are very opposed to civilians handling stun guns, so ensure not to get into trouble. 

Knife Laws

Knives are essential to preppers. I can’t even think of prepping without a good survival knife. So, you’d better have a great one at your beck & call. However, I was surprised to find out the large number of knife laws across several states. Who would have thought that knives have a lot of regulations? 

Note that there are different types of knives, all of which are classified under different weapon types. Some of them are considered deadly, while others are non-deadly. Some are even illegal for civilians to own, especially those that are intimidating to look at & will strike fear in others. 

The observation is that most states allow pocket knives to be carried concealed. However, others, like the butterfly or gravity knives, have to be carried openly to be legal. Check your state website to be sure of your knife laws. 

Rain Harvesting Regulation

Water is a critical prepper supply & you have to store it against a disaster. Rainwater is a good water source, as we all know. 

However, you should know that the government regulates the setup of a rainwater harvesting system. You have to know about these laws before setting up yours; else, you may be crossing some legal lines.

Concluding the Critical State Prepping Laws for 2021

There may be other critical state prepping laws for 2021 that you may need to be aware of. Check your state website to know everything necessary.

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