Buying Your Firearms In Tennessee

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Buying your firearms in Tennessee is pretty straightforward, although there are few regulations that you may find odd. Still, the state is relatively gun-friendly, so expect your relationship with your firearm to be easy and enjoyable.

Here’s how to buy your gun as a Tennessean.

Buying a Handgun in Tennessee

Tennessee makes gun purchases quite simple. You don’t need a permit before walking into a local store and going out with a Golden Glock. Notwithstanding, there are some requirements to meet before a purchase can be successful. You must:

  • Be 21 at least;
  • Own a valid state ID;
  • Have a crime-free background (as the dealer will run a check on you).

However, note that unlike others, the state of Tennessee conducts the background checks herself, rather than leaving it to the FBI. More often than not, this hastens up the purchase process.

Again, unlike other states, there are very few reasons that will make a firearm unavailable to you in Tennessee. You cannot be a gun owner in the state if you:

  • Are an ex-convict of a felony involving force or its attempted use, violence, or a weapon considered deadly;
  • Are an ex-convict of a felony drug crime;
  • Are not up to 18. 

NB: If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice the difference in the age limit mentioned for both. This is because the federal government’s fundamental laws (21) are put in place, but the state of Tennessee just wants you to be up to 18.

The implication of this contradiction is that a person who’s 18 or older but not yet up to 21 cannot buy a gun from a federal dealer. He can only buy from a private seller, and, in most cases, it is a used pistol.

Under-18 Restrictions in Tennessee

Tennessee allows children (U-18) to use a pistol even if you cannot buy from any store. Note that there’s a difference between buying and owning. 

In the state of Tennessee, you can own and use a pistol even if yet to be an adult if you are:

  • Attending a hunting or gun safety course;
  • Target shooting at a legal shooting range;
  • Engaging in an authorized competition;
  • Practicing for an event involving firearms;
  • Are being guided by parent or guardian;
  • On a property owned by an adult and are permitted by a parent or guardian;
  • At home, and are permitted to use the firearm, and are justified to do so. This may be in case of a home burgle or related scenario.
  • Trapping or hunting with a license;
  • Learning how to shoot from an adult.

Buying A Long Gun in Tennessee

The laws guiding the purchase of a long gun are more lenient than those guiding a handgun purchase. 

To buy a long gun in Tennessee, you have to be;

  • Be up to 18;
  • Own a valid state ID;
  • Have a crime-free background (as the dealer will run a check on you).

You can even avoid a background check by buying from a private dealer!

Concluding Thoughts on Buying Your Firearms in Tennessee

As you can see, buying your firearms in Tennessee is straightforward. The state has perhaps the most lenient laws when it comes to gun ownership, allowing even u-18s to handle firearms in certain scenarios. If you’re a legal resident of Tennessee, it’s smooth sailing all along. For residents of other states, what do you think of these simple laws?

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