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Best Home Protection Firearms

In other words, guns for home defense.

Handguns are the most prominent choices for home protection. Why? You may wonder. Why choose a handgun when there are much more powerful guns available? 

Well, here’s your answer: the compactness of the handgun makes it easier to use in urgent, life-threatening situations. With some handguns as small as your hands, you can keep your pistol right by your bedside.

What’s more, you can quickly get your firearm in tight corners, such as your stairwell or staircase or any other area in the home at all. Your handgun can be kept in a piece of furniture, either beneath a sofa, on the shelf, in the wardrobe, or just anywhere at all. This is unlike a rifle or shotgun that can only be kept in unique locations or areas in the home.

What does this offer you: an element of surprise and the best shot at stopping an intruder.

True, shotguns are more potent while rifles are more accurate, but handguns are the perfect fit in close to mid-range scenarios and can be quickly reached just when it matters. 

So, now that we agree on this, what handgun should you settle for as your ultimate home defender?

Below, we have compiled a list of top 5 handguns for home protection. However, before we dive into that, it might be helpful to know how we made our selections.

The primary considerations used were the ease of use, capacity, reliability, overall quality, and accuracy of each gun. 

That is, we created 100 possible scenarios that would demand that you use your handgun and settled for the guns that were effective 10 out of 10 times. Furthermore, we conducted a study based on the most effective pistols homeowners have used to disable or stop Intruders over the past decade and selected the most occurring appearances.

After all, when your life is hanging by a thread, you need a gun that has been tested and trusted: a protector you can rely on.

Top 5 Handguns For Home Protection

Before anything, you should realize that although this list includes guns using different calibers, our top pick anytime is a 9mm-handgun. Why? 

Well, 9mm-handguns hold 15 rounds and above; that’s at least 5 more than a standard 0.45 ACP. Bullets from a 9mm caliber are also more controllable as it is a mild recoiler. And lest I forget, 9mm rounds are considerably cheaper. 

5. RUGER 1707 GP100 (357 Magnum; 6 rounds)


The first gun on our list is this classic revolver that comes with a 6-inch barrel that improves accuracy. 1707 is equipped with a triple-locking cylinder and has a sleek, stainless steel texture. This gun is the perfect fit for families with children, as Ruger’s unique transfer bar feature prevents unintended discharges. 

For users who are not familiar with the harsh blowback that characterizes most guns, Ruger 1707 uses the Black Hogue Monogrip that considerably lessens the blowback effect. This aside, this revolver can damage a large adult when the shot is taken from the right range.

Note: If you’re going for a revolver, always choose a 357 Magnum. It has a heavier round than most revolvers and carries the same number of shots (6) as all revolvers do.

4. Colt 1911 (0.45 ACP; 7+1 rounds)

The Colt 1911 is slightly larger and heavier than your ordinary handgun, does not hold the highest rounds but prides itself on reliability, durability, and safety. This 0.45 ACP firearm comes with a dual spring recoil system that ensures it remains functional for a very long time. And as per reliability, 1911 never fails to fire accurately.

Speaking of safety, meanwhile, Colt 1911 uses an upswept beavertail grip that requires you to hold tightly before a shot can be fired. An accidental discharge is rarely experienced, therefore. 

1911 is a model from the Colt Defender Series; hence, it’s easy to conceal carry. What’s more, it is an advanced handgun that runs on enhanced mechanisms, starting from the nuts to the flare and the hammer.

3. Springfield XD MOD2 (0.45 ACP; 13+1 rounds)

Springfield XD is not your traditional 0.45 ACP handgun. This sexy steel has a holding capacity of 13+1 rounds, at least 5 more than the typical 0.45 ACP firearm. XD is equipped with the ‘Grip Zone,’ a feature that enables a vice-like grip. 

What’s more, Springfield XD comes with a 4-inch barrel that makes it great to conceal carry, although this affects the shooting range. This compact firearm is mostly ideal in close-ups.

As a measure towards longevity, XD is coated with Melonite finish that makes it resistant to corrosion. Accessories that come with a new Springfield XD include a full-size XD Gear magazine and stainless-steel flush fitting. 

2. CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical (9mm; 18+1 rounds)

This masterpiece has always been a favorite in all shooting circles. The CZ 75 is available in different variations, and as such, you can always find one with the specs you need.

SP-01 Tactical effectively manages the recoil impact through the built-in side frame and comes with rubber panels that make it very comfortable to grip. As such, this is one of the easiest to use home defense handguns you’ll ever come across. 

A distinctive feature of the CZ 75 is ‘fixed night-sight,’ a spec that allows you to see even in the middle of the night.

Note that we didn’t even talk about the massive holding capacity of this 9mm.

1. WALTHER PPQ M2 (9mm; 15+1 rounds)

Coming from a brand reputed to produce excellent guns, this is their finest offering yet.

The PPQ M2 prides itself on its trigger, a highlight many have earmarked as the “smoothest pull you’ll find in a gun”. This handgun can be used with a 4 or 5-inch barrel, although the latter is preferable for better accuracy. 

This striker-fired gun uses an unbelievably sensitive trigger, and is, therefore, the most ideal for starters who are not used to hard, jamming triggers. 

Despite this, PPQ M2 is safe. The gun is equipped with three automatic safety systems, a Piccaninny equipment rail for a quick audible reset, and three changeable back-straps for a tailorable fit. 

This pistol possesses nearly everything you’d ask for in a gun.

Bottom Line

You may be confused about which to select out of the options above. We suggest that you visit any gun range near you and try a few of them out. Do note that there are other guns suitable for home defense, some of which are SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD, SIG SAUER MK25 P226, and FNX – 45.

With this said, the fact remains that any of the guns above is an excellent home protection firearm. You just have to make your choice based on preferences. 


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