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  • How to Buy a Handgun Legally in California Image
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    How to Buy a Handgun Legally in California

    Knowing how to buy a handgun legally in California is necessary in such a gun-strict state. A new law on firearms seems to be implemented every few months, so keeping track of them all can be difficult. Fortunately, this concise guide will put you through the legal paperwork involved in buying a handgun in sunny […] More

  • Critical State Prepping Laws in 2021 Image

    Critical State Prepping Laws for 2021

    You have to stay aware of the critical state prepping laws for 2021 so you don’t unknowingly transgress the law. These regulations will guide your prepping activities as you prepare.  4 Critical State Prepping Laws for 2021 Handgun Carry Laws All preppers (80% at least) want to have a firearm ready when the bad guys […] More

  • How To Buy A Handgun In Rhode Island Image

    How To Buy A Handgun In Rhode Island

    Below, we’ll look at a guide on how to buy a handgun in Rhode Island, but before we do so, is there any difficult law specific to this city in New England?  I would say no, as there are very few restrictions on handgun acquisition in the state. Let’s walk through the process of becoming […] More

  • Buying Your Firearms In Tennessee Image

    Buying Your Firearms In Tennessee

    Buying your firearms in Tennessee is pretty straightforward, although there are few regulations that you may find odd. Still, the state is relatively gun-friendly, so expect your relationship with your firearm to be easy and enjoyable. Here’s how to buy your gun as a Tennessean. Buying a Handgun in Tennessee Tennessee makes gun purchases quite […] More

  • firearm laws in Texas image

    Firearm Laws in Texas

    Navigating the firearm laws in Texas is, thankfully, straightforward. The state is gun-friendly, and so there are only a handful of laws to keep to be in the good book of the law. Let us look at everything you need to know to become a legal gun owner in Lone Star State! Requirements for Buying […] More

  • Obtaining A Concealed Carry License In Washington DC Image
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    Obtaining A Concealed Carry License In Washington DC

    Obtaining a concealed carry license in Washington DC has been a rollercoaster ride for several years, as it wasn’t until 2017 that the state decided on specific criteria and reached a decision on the issue.  As it stands, any citizen who meets all criteria will be issued a license to conceal carry in permitted areas. […] More

  • Unique Gun Laws Across American States Image

    Unique Gun Laws Across American States

    Certain unique gun laws across American States may surprise, amuse, or leave you peeved. This is because gun rules are often similar in clauses across the US. Issues like the seal to conceal carry and places you can carry a gun to are usually the same throughout the country. But not in the states we […] More

  • right to bear arms

    Protecting Our Liberties And Our Right To Bear Arms

    Over the years, there have been various shootings in the news that once again fire up the debate of the American Constitution and the right to bear arms.  As such, the US Supreme Court has rules, in the past eleven years alone, that our right arms are a liberty that was here long before the […] More

  • constitutional carry
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    Where It Is Legal To Constitutional Carry In The US

    The phrase “constitutional carry” means, within the fifty United States, that an individual is permitted to carry a weapon without having a license or permit.  The term itself was birthed from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which declared that citizens had the right to bear arms. As of this writing, there are twelve […] More

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    Best Home Protection Firearms

    In other words, guns for home defense. Handguns are the most prominent choices for home protection. Why? You may wonder. Why choose a handgun when there are much more powerful guns available?  Well, here’s your answer: the compactness of the handgun makes it easier to use in urgent, life-threatening situations. With some handguns as small […] More