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    AxisBlu brings new Bluetooth locking solution to gun safes

    The AxisBlu system pairs with mobile devices offering Bluetooth entry into gun safes. (Photo: S&G) Sargent and Greenleaf, a division of Stanley Security, brings a new lock known as the AxisBlu to gun owners looking to introduce a little technology into their gun storage. AxisBlu utilizes Bluetooth and a mobile app to remove the need […] More

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    Bloomberg ‘Reporter’s’ Affinity for Citizen Disarmament Seems Personal

    Unfortunately, the “bright spots” in the darkness that counted most were only coming from one source, and the most effective means of saving others was denied by the very edicts The Trace and its Bloomberg-“seeded” propagandists demand. U.S.A. – -( “The gun rampage at a Southern California bar on Wednesday came just 12 days after a […] More

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    When Suppressor Ownership Is BANNED -The Firearm Blog

    Welcome back everyone and thanks again for joining us here for TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where we hope to one day be the silent majority. Today we we we touch on the regulatory, legal and yes political (gasp) challenges of shooting quietly. And ultimately what options there are for those of us around the world who […] More

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    Having the conversation over pocket gun calibers (VIDEOS)

    While not many “mouse guns” are in production today, for generations small .25 ACP and .22LR pistols were carried and used, so, with the right ammo, are they still a viable option today? That’s the question posed by Lucky Gunner’s Chris Baker as he takes a look at the two calibers with an eye to […] More

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    KC9 enters Ed Brown Products Evolution Series

    The KC9 offers a 9mm 1911 design that offers custom features. (Photo: Ed Brown Products) Ed Brown Products kicks off its Evolution Series with the new KC9, delivering a smaller, thinner and lighter 1911. Inspired by the Ed Brown Bobtail 1911, the 9mm chambered KC9 features a re-engineered slide measuring 4-inches and boasting a 7-top […] More

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    Gun Control’s Future is … Communism?

    Opinion Missing the Marx: Gun Control’s Future is … Communism? Fairfax, VA – -(  After every high profile crime committed with a firearm of any sort, there are always calls for gun control. But one particular proposal last week managed to distinguish itself amid the usual din, if only for its audacity and what it […] More

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